Certified Lab Grown Diamond Program

Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical, optical and physical properties of mined diamonds. They are diamonds in every way, except for the way they are sourced.

Our "No Risk" memo program makes it extremely easy for you to see for yourself. We welcome you to review the program details below or feel free to start browsing through today's certified lab grown diamond inventory.

  • Certified Lab Grown Diamonds will be sent on a 10-calendar day memo for you to review*.  If you decide to keep the stone, no phone call or email is necessary. Your account will be invoiced on the 11th calendar day from the day the order was generated.  Certified Lab Grown stone(s) returned after the 10th calendar day will incur a restocking fee. 
  • All Certified Lab Grown Diamonds come with an independent third-party laboratory grading certificate.
  • All Certified Lab Grown stone(s) will be shipped to you in a single, acrylic holder.  These holders are housed in a recessed cut-out, centered in a foam pad for shipping safety.
  • The acrylic holder, the certification, the authenticity card and the stone housed on the foam pad, are placed into the green shipping container and locked prior to shipping.
  • Certified Lab Grown Stones are individually packaged and shipped as their own shipment.  Multiple stones will be packaged separately and combined as one shipment.  However, no other Quality Gold merchandise will be shipped with Certified Lab Grown stones.
UPS Shipping Box
  • For your convenience a return shipping label is included with every Certified Lab Grown Diamond shipment*.  Please be advised that the shipping label is only authorized to be used for the return of Lab Grown stones.  Quality Gold will provide insurance on the return shipment of Certified Lab Grown stones only if the provided shipping label is used.
UPS Return Label
  • If a return is necessary, the Certified Lab Grown stones must be returned in the same package it was sent in.  Please secure the green shipping container with the additional lock provided.  This procedure helps indicate that the box has not been tampered with once it leaves your possession.  All materials shipped to you must be returned together: the secured box, the stones placed in the acrylic holder and the certification.
Diamond Box Lock
  • Returned Certified Lab Grown stones from memo, will not be calculated as part of your return percentage if the proper return procedures are followed and the return occurs within the 7-calendar day timeframe.


*Valid for United States and Canada customers ONLY